Saturday, 8 November 2014

A New Morimoto Doily WIP1

The pattern is called a Floral Bouquet Doily. I dug out my Size 60 (20g ball) thread to tat this beautiful doily by Tomoko Morimoto. I wanted the same lacy effect as in the photo but did not have enough thread in a Size 80 10g ball to do in one colour. The doily in the book is tatted in Size 80 and needed about 300m of thread which resulted in a 14.5 inch doily.

After tatting two rounds, I realised I made a mistake in round 1. Will have to start over again.


  1. Yours in size 60 looks as delicate as the original. Really beautiful doily.

  2. Beautiful pattern. Is it from New Tatting?

    Better to make the mistake early! : ))

  3. That looks like it's going to be a gorgeous doily!! :)

  4. this is beautiful and I completely understand, I just messed up 3 times on something:)

  5. What a pity, I look forward to watching your progress on such a beautiful pattern